Thursday, February 04, 2010

What Sucks Presents…Inappropriately Named Ferries!

It’s my pleasure to introduce a new feature on one, if I were to be completely honest, I would never have thought there to be a need for, but one that’s here nevertheless- What Sucks Blog Presents Inappropriately Named Ferries.

It is here where I will, when needed, shine a spotlight of shame on various ferries I feel are named in a completely inappropriate manner. Hopefully, with sunlight being the best disinfectant, the days of any of us having to deal with these ferries will be short-lived, however until that time, I will be here, bringing to the attention of the world, inappropriately named ferries.

Our first entry into this ferry naming hall of shame, the SS (how appropriate) Eichmann. Adolf Eichmann’s life and times are a stain on human history. One of the most despicable men in the 20th century, much less of all time, Eichmann needs to be remembered for the many crimes he committed against the world and NOT have a ferry named after him. Shame on those who named this ferry after him.

NOTE: If you, as a reader should come across a Inappropriately Named Ferry, please do not hesititate to bring it to my attention via the comment section or an email to with the phrase “inappropriately named ferry” in the subject line.

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