Friday, January 15, 2010

What Sucks…Will Be Back Monday!

Hello everyone, and g-d bless each one of you. As I am apt to do, I have found myself talking off from Christmas to the 2nd week of January once again in posting for What Sucks. But you know who HASN’T taken off? Suckiness. Pat Robertson, Rush Limbaugh, earthquake in Haiti (the event, not the comic), Earthquake in Haiti (the comic, not the event- those people are in no mood to laugh right now!), Jay Leno and his incredible passive aggressive move to get the Tonight Show back, believe me, I am paying attention and I will get all over this crap, starting Monday.

Also, in the New Year, I’d like to amp this blog up even more (kidding, I know its not very amped right now)- is there a redesign in the layout in the future? I’d love to- someone who does that stuff for a living- email me so I we can talk. My technologically retarded ass will finally get its shit together enough to do a podcast, there will be special “What Sucks” video and you may even see some animation if I can convince the talented people I know that its worth their time. Also, I may try and actually market this thing and get the word out that it exists.

As always, thanks for reading and stopping by and by all means feel free to comment or send me an email about what YOU thinks sucks, if by chance that thing has slipped through the cracks.

I’m just about finished with my What Sucks 2009 entry, and its super long so, yeah how the hell did we get through that year? I’ll probably post that tonight or over the weekend.

For now, enjoy this video of Jimmy Kimmel basically ripping Jay Leno apart on Jay’s show last night.

I’m doing some stand up tonight by the way at Ochi’s Lounge which is at Comix comedy club in NYC, at 14th and 9th. The show is at 7PM and has no cover.

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4 comments: said...

dude -they should shit can Leno -and put What Sucks on in late late night -your wife would probably leave ya -but so what - America needs you dude - Sooo much sucks! -And it's getting suckier all the time - everyone should write NBC!

Anonymous said...

GREAT........................................ said...

So, it's entirely possible that I'm retarded and therefore can't find an email link or anything, but how do we contact you for a MOCAP DVD? It would be a glorious addition to my viewing library.

Chris DeLuca said...

Greatest comment ever left by anyone in the history of the blog! KingofSuede has set the standard folks for awesome comments, the rest of you now need to live up to it!

KOS: I'm at