Friday, January 29, 2010

What Sucks…Personal Printers

I try and be as impartial as I can about the things out there that suck but sometimes a person can be wronged and when that happens, he has to speak up.

I have owned about 12 personal printers during the course of my life from when I was a kid getting all “dot-matrix” on someone’s ass, to later in life when I purchased a “3 in one” printer, scanner and copier. Each one of those printers had something in common- you guessed it- they suck. Big time.

Constant breakdowns, eternally running out of ink- paper jams- all I have been asking these things to do is print and it’s a 50/50 chance at best I would get to hold my document in my hand. I mean the thing’s name is “printer” for Christ-sakes it should be expected to “be its name”.

They break at an alarming rate. Harsh language from someone standing nearby is enough to cause these things to go offline. Why the F are they so fragile? I’ve had NYC deli-bought umbrellas last longer that these printers- are printers made from the most fragile material in the world? Also, I hate buying something that is promising to do 3 things- printing, copying, scanning- and then can’t do any of them. Why not just say it can make coffee or “clean asses” as well. Make it a 5 in one thing that does nothing!

And can some reputable journalist also please uncover the “timing” function, that causes the printer to constantly say that it is out of ink, even though you know you only replaced the ink cartridge “like yesterday”. Hey printers- “F” You!

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