Friday, January 29, 2010

What Sucks…Chihuahua Rescue! Funny Web Video

My very good and very funny friend, Chris Regan takes on the problem of too many Chihuahuas (which is more than one if you ask me) in California, in this very well done clip from “Lopez Tonight”. Take a look and remember- we are flying Chihuahuas across the country to be adopted, yet that bum you stepped over on your way out of the subway will be dead by 8:30 tonight!

Sorry to get so “real” there, enjoy the video!
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David said...

So my ticket to getting past TSA in a breeze is getting a Chihuahua?

Anonymous said...

It's bum killin' cold in NYC! said...

Yeah -well try putting that bum down on the floor next to little Rocco AND SEE IF HE SAYS 'THANKS DADDY DUDE FOR GETTING ME A LOVING COMPANION"

They should grind up bums and feed em to Chihuahuas

Anonymous said...

I'm with the digibandit -they should make canned bum dog food.

Dogs rule!

Anonymous said...

bullshit! -They should make canned chihuahua meat and send it to Haiti.