Tuesday, December 01, 2009

What Sucks…Quick Hits: Dubai, Charlie Weis, The Quarterback Rating, Did You Hear About The Morgans?


Oh, so you’re telling me when you build a city of mile high hotels and install giant palm tree shaped lakes in the middle of a desert, there might be a chance of incredible debt? Holy crap with the spending! These people are like a nation of MC Hammers!

…Charlie Weis

Things aren’t good when you go to a storied College Football program and the only thing you consistently win is the award for biggest gut under the belt! Weis, come on, what are you, my grandmother's best friend? No one is expecting a National Championship, but a vagina stomach? I don’t know what was worse, the job you do recruiting or the level you wear your pants. (Touchdown) JESUS that’s bad.

…The QB Rating

Does anyone who didn’t go to MIT know how to calculate this thing? I saw last night Drew Brees threw for 5 touchdowns and for 371 yards going 18 for 23 to get a PERFECT QB rating of…158.3! That’s the perfect QB rating? How the hell do you get to a number like 158 POINT 3? Look I’m no metric system commie, but can we make the perfect number something like, oh I don’t know 100?

…Did You Hear About The Morgans?

Did I hear about the Morgans? What, that they were in a really shitty looking movie? Yes I heard that. That Hugh Grant was in his 7000th romantic comedy and still has to pay his dues by acting like he can be attracted to Sarah Jessica Parker? Yeah, I heard that too.
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tex martini said...

The "vagina stomach" is otherwise known as a gunt.

peterchark.com said...

Charlie Weis hasn't looked the same since Tiger backed into him.

Some funny shit here, dude!


Anonymous said...


MMayes said...

1. I guess Mark Mangini still holds the title for biggest neck (he keeps his gut above the waist.

2. Whoever directed the Morgans movie deserves an Academy Award. Imagine this exchange...

Dir: CUT! Hugh, you've got to look interested and lean in to kiss her.

HG: I don't care what contract I signed, I'm not kissing Mr. Ed.

Dir: Don't think of her as Mr. Ed. She's married to Ferris Bueller, you know.

HG: Whatever. Let's get it over with.