Friday, December 04, 2009

What Sucks…EW’s The Shaw Report V.3

Needless to say the latest Shaw Report has sent ripples through “couture design” industry, as in this already shaky economy, makers of Couture surfboards had to learn this past week that they are “out”. That, along with the news that couture yoga mats are “five minutes ago”, must have sent stock prices spiraling. And sure, “couture playing cards” are on top now, but really with this bear market as dictated by Shaw, one can only ask- for how long?

Also, the Shaw Report is reporting on Dakota Fanning like they’re Woodward and Bernstein and she’s Watergate… (In: Breaking into democratic headquarters, 5 Minutes Ago: Holding your hand above a flame for as long as possible, Out: Claiming you’re “not a crook”.) They’re all over her like stink on poop, or in this case, “uncomfortable level of maturity” on “kid actress”. (And I would have thought playing a rape victim would be “5 minutes ago”).

Yes, before you think What Sucks…is becoming your one stop shopping place for analysis of Shaw Reports know this, this little review is already “five minutes ago”.
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