Thursday, December 17, 2009

What Sucks…Courtney Love

This is one of those posts where I write “What Sucks…Courtney Love”, and people write back, “be more specific!”

So today we talk about Courtney Love the mom. What can I say about Courtney Love as a mom that hasn’t already been said about Langur monkeys? This week after a judge legally removed her as guardian of her and Kurt’s kid Frances Bean, (irreconcilable differences- Frances Bean is not necessarily into crack, Courtney is) she took to Facebook to bash her daughter and say some weird, vague, bullshit about how she has all of Kurt’s money and Frances Bean, by leaving her is not getting any. Shocking part of the story here is that anyone read it- Courtney Love has friends? Her friend’s haven’t clicked that “hear less of this person” button?

And I’m glad to see that I’m not the only person subject to bullshit from “friends” status reports. What’s worse, some kid I sat next to in the 8th grade telling me to watch out ‘cause he’s gonna go “head for the border” and Taco Bell does some “evil shit to his insides” or having to listen to crack heads like Courtney Love and Sarah Palin spew their bullshit? (I’ll take the Taco Bell guy.)
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