Tuesday, November 03, 2009

What Sucks…Facebook

Why does Facebook always make changes to their product so that they’ll suck more? Each incarnation pisses people off more and more. FB 8.0 is gonna be like a herpes sore or something. Their new thing is to be just flat out lewd- showing me a picture of a girl I went to high school with in the upper right hand corner, then telling me to "poke her". Dude, that time is passed, she's married with kids now, have some respect! You’re coming off very “Jodi Foster movie”.

And yes, I have scratched out Regina’s last name and changed her picture to Elisabeth Shue to protect her integrity. The woman is trying to lead a life, she doesn’t need Facebook trying to ruin her marriage!
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Anonymous said...

Facebook sucks because they practice and enable censorship and spying on their members.

Anonymous said...

I also agree that facebook sucks they are too arrogant they don't know better than me or anyone else

Peter said...

FACEBOOK will have a lot to answer in the following years with many law suits from people blaming them for exposing their private lives and causing problems. Lets FACE it FACE BOOK SUKS like their Mom