Friday, November 06, 2009

What Sucks…Carrie Prejean

Most of the time when I post about something that sucks, I’ll do a charming little write up complete with jokes made at the expense of whatever sucks, or the elderly, or both. But sometimes a story comes along and all I need to do is tell it.

This is one of those times. (By the way, thanks to TMZ and my old college roommate who were both all over this like white on rice.)

Noted moron, Carrie Prejean got booted from one of her conservative speaking gig due to her appearance in a sex tape- a sex tape where she appears solo. (Let that sink in for a second. Solo! She didn’t even have the decency to be filmed having sex with some sketchy dude she met one night when she was a waitress! Solo!)

If you’re keeping score, this is like the 3rd time she’s whored it up since she claimed to be a victim for the backlash she received due to her stance against “opposite marriage”. I don’t know why these conservative D-bags canceled her appearance by the way, they all really blew a good chance at getting laid.

Even better, apparently, for some reason, her mom was allowed to see the tape of her daughter. EMBARRASSING! Apparently this all came to light when she was trying to sue the Miss America Beauty Pageant for like a million dollars or something.

See no jokes here, just reporting!
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