Friday, October 30, 2009

What Sucks…Whorish Halloween Costumes For Kids: Perv Watch V.27

Lookit, I have long been a proponent for women’s Halloween costumes which present the simple concept of dressing like an indian, nurse, police officer (gotcha) or cowgirl and combine it with looking like an slutty, slutty whore. It’s good for men, it’s good for America.

But the key word in the above sentence is “woman”.

This year, what can only be described as an “ass-load” of Halloween costume companies seems to be trying to A) turn your “tween” daughter into a whore and B) get this guy, in trouble. (I’m kidding, that’s Eddie Pepitone, a gifted comic actor living in LA, buy his CD here so he doesn’t get mad at me for using his picture.)

So, WTF, Halloween costume making companies, are you staffed entirely with pervs? People want to trick or treat in their neighborhoods, not the seedy-side of a town in Thailand! Look at some of these costumes!

A Geisha girl? Are you shitting me? Great. Halloween costumes for peds with Asian fetishes!

Here’ s the Scarecrow and the Cowardly Lion from “The Wizard of Oz”, apparently the remake directed by Larry Clark!

Yo, ho, ho- in a big friggin' way. Yeah, send your daughter out in this, next year she’ll be going as a rape victim!

What Sucks Bonus…Sexy Ghostbusters

Once again, I’m all for whoring it out this time of year for adults, but come on- sexy Ghostbuster?

WTF? This wasn’t even in the movie? I’m all for whoring it up on Halloween but come on- have we really exhausted every single possibility that you now need to start making up, potential whory costumes? Did I miss “sexy accountant” and “sexy repo-girl”?
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Abby said...

I agree, I completely hate these whorish Halloween costumes for kids. When I was a tween all I wanted to do was dress up like a witch or a gypsy but they were so short. The skirts exposed thighs and they exposed too much cleavage (I was an early bloomer) and I respected my body a bit more than other tween girls would have. Those costumes weren't even anything like what a witch or gypsy would wear. I understand how adults can enjoy the women's sex appeal costumes but I don't think they should enjoy the child's sex appeal costumes. It is wrong and really left me with no costume choices.