Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What Sucks…The David Spade Tommy Boy Direct TV Ad

Sorry to join the chorus of voices on the net disgusted by this ad a little late, but what’s that old phrase? Better late than never except when showing up to a Sandra Bullock film.

I can’t see how doing this ad could be cool with David Spade. First off, he’s a pretty successful comic. If he spent all his SNL money, and his Joe Dirt money and his Tommy Boy, Black Sheep, Just Shoot Me, Showbiz Show, Rules of Engagement money, he should still have the money from those Capitol One commercials, shouldn’t he?

And hey direct TV, why don’t you do one of your ads with someone who isn’t dead? Last year you did Poltergeist, now this? There are a zillion movies out there- chose one with live actors!
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Anonymous said...

Craig T. Nelson is dead?!

Anonymous said...

Did you receive any compensation from Direct TV for this?

daniellaprice30 said...

It's a very entertaining ad but I think it needs more push. They might consider getting affordable SEO packages in Melbourne to further improve their advertising schemes.