Monday, October 05, 2009

What Sucks…Roman Polanski Defenders

So, 30 years or so ago, Roman Polanski had sex with a 13-year-old girl after slipping her booze and a mickey, and basically admitted to it in court. Then, he hightailed it out of here in a big way, moving to France and living in Europe where he made films, had a family and won awards. The other day, he was arrested in Switzerland where he now waits to see whether or not he will be extradited to the US, to serve the time for the incident.

News of his arrest made all the horrible cable news channels and talk shows that infect our country, and people displayed their outrage at how he hasn’t been brought home yet although no one seemed to ask- why the hell it has taken 30 years. Before I could write a blog entry about how it sucks that all of these a-holes now, all of a sudden, think it’s a big idea, the OTHER side of this argument releases a huge-ass petition of people that want Polanski to be released and let off the hook.

And why?

From what I can determine, because he’s a good director. Because he made “Chinatown”, and “Rosemary’s Baby”, and I guess “The Pianist” (porn version of that film by the way, also called “The Pianist”).

That was the argument. Oh and that it wasn’t “Rape rape”.

First off, he also made “Pirates”! And “Frantic”! So, you know, let’s reevaluate the whole good director thing. Secondly, “Rape rape”? Are you serious? You can say it wasn’t “Rape rape”? Was he charged with “Rape rape”?

Lookit, I still get letters from the Weehawken Municipal Court about parking tickets I got in the early 2000’s- and I’m a successful blogger and creator of the great Mocap, LLC. This guy directs a movie about a waif who gets knocked up by the devil and we should forget about him having sex with a 13 year-old? No way, pervs!
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Anonymous said...

What happens if they throw him in the pokey with Charlie Manson?
(The "Manson Family" killed Polanski's wife Sharon Tate).

frankenwendy said...

YESSS! finally someone with some freakin' scruples about this whole polanski crap. if that were my thirteen year old this would have been over long ago, one way or another.

j said...

I didn't have too strong an opinion either way 'til I read this:

This should be stapled to the front of every petition and required reading before signing--I doubt they'd get many signatures.

Anonymous said...

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deluca said...

I love how the above spam link is advertising Miley Cyrus nude on a post about a convicted child rapist- hey spammer, you have even less class than normal spammers!