Friday, October 23, 2009

What Sucks…Quick Hits: Lil’ Wayne, Jon Gosselin, Ashlee Simpson, Driving A La-Z-Boy While Drunk

…Lil’ Wayne

Pleaded guilty to attempted gun possession. A judge will sentence him later this month, once he gets over the fact that this case had nothing to do with weed. Holy crap- to find the gun on this dude, how many one-hitters did police run their hands over while frisking him?

…Jon Gosselin

Finally returned the $180K he stole from his family. AHEM, in a related story, say it with me America, Ed Hardy clothing stores reported $180K in returned clothes.

…Ashlee Simpson

Fired from the new Melrose Place. Next up for the failed pop-singer? Sucking at painting! Seriously, after her album bombing this is the 2nd bad thing to happen to Ashlee Simpson in a row- 3rd if you count marrying Pete Wentz!

…Driving A La-Z-Boy While Drunk

This dude pleaded guilty to driving a motorized La-Z-Boy while hammered. I don’t blame him, pretty hard to fight a DWI when you’re caught on a vehicle that would only make sense to be in when you’re shit-faced. What happened, he drive along until he heard a cop say over his PA “pull the chair over!”
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Zach said...

Lil Wayne is such a douche.

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