Friday, October 09, 2009

What Sucks…Quick Hits: Jon Gosselin, The Letterman Thing, Target, Brooke Astor's Son

...Jon Gosselin

Father of the Year gives his 9 year-old daughter an ATV for her birthday- this dude won’t be satisfied until the show is called “Jon & Kate Plus 7”.

…This Whole Letterman Thing

Are you kidding me? People are upset because Dave is having sex with some of the women who work on the show? Here’s an insightful question that gets to the bottom of this whole controversy…ready? Ahem…who gives a shit?

Now there are reports about Jimmy Kimmel dating someone on his show- little show biz secret here- the reason dudes want to get their own shows in the first place is so they can bang the women who work for them.


Sorry- was in Target the other day when I came across this display of Men’s ESSENTIAL, wait for it…bandanas. Essential bandanas? Really? Can a bandana ever be essential? What am I, in a Poison cover band?

…Brooke Astor’s Son

Normally if someone pulls a fast one on the elderly, I’m all for it. But stealing tens of millions of dollars from your mom as she slowly dies from Alzheimer’s takes it a little too far. Hey Brooke Astor’s son, next time, come home with a fake tattoo, or kiss a person of a different race on the lips!
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