Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What Sucks…Meghan McCain’s Picture Thing On Twitter

Megan McCain caused a stir this week by “accidentally” posting a sexy picture of herself on Twitter, this according to the New York Daily News and #Chubbychaser. (Twitter by the way is a micro-blogging site where you can post anything you want as long as it’s less than 140 pounds characters.)

But seriously, why is this a controversy? A girl with big cans puts her picture on the net. So? I mean that should be it- end of story. But then there were apologies and people getting offended and hurt feelings all around…what the “F” people? I don’t get it, is it because she’s holding up a book? I mean I’m just as much against reading books as the next guy but come on, I think you’re nit-picking here.

MM actually threatened to delete her Twitter account over this- no one should be dissuaded from putting boobs on the net, take a look at this thing and I’m sure you’ll agree, a picture is worth 165 pounds 1000 words! (Damn typos.)
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