Monday, October 19, 2009

What Sucks…Def Leppard

It’s not so much you canceled the 3rd leg of your tour, it’s that you did it for “unforeseen personal reasons”.

“Unforeseen personal reasons”? That’s the reason? WTF?

Def Leppard, this is US you’re talking to- you’re gonna give us some vague bullshit like “unforeseen personal reasons”. We’ve seen your Behind The Music. Unforeseen Personal Reasons? You came clean about a severed arm, a dead guitar player-- half the fun of going to one of your shows is wondering what bad-luck/ F’d up thing is about to happen to you so I guess what I’m asking is…

Who’d you kill?

Seriously- dead mom of 3, trying to re-live her youth drank too much and croaked in your dressing room one night after a show? Drummer with one hand had sex with a groupie, who's husband then caught you guys leaving that night and you all had to kill him? Come clean!

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