Friday, October 02, 2009

What Sucks Salutes Women With Bad Taste In Men!

…Carol Anne Boone

Not only married Ted Bundy when he proposed to her, but married him when he proposed to her at his own serial killing murder trial!

…Nancy Garrido

Women who do donkey porn choose better partners than this psychopath.

…Elizabeth Edwards & That Wacko Lady John Edwards’ Had An Affair With

Hard to believe that a guy who had an affair on his wife, who was dying of cancer, knocked up the woman he was having the affair with, then after denying the kid was his, promised to marry her AND get Dave Matthews to play the wedding, came so close to be Vice President. Thank G-d for John Kerry’s stunning lack of charisma.

…Mackenzie Phillips

Having a 10-year, sometimes consensual affair with her dad? Lookit, I’m not a woman- and I certainly don’t claim to know how they think, but I would imagine that even the ones among us who get into the WORST relationships have at least a few questions they ask themselves before hooking up with a guy for ten years and among those questions could possibly be, oh I don’t know, “does this guy like dogs?”, “what kind of music is he into?” and oh yeah, “IS THIS GUY MY FUCKING DAD?”

A rare qualifier for Women With Bad Taste In Men and Women With Bad Taste in Dads!
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