Monday, October 12, 2009

What Sucks Salutes Giant Balls: The Health Insurance Industry

So, the scumbag Heath Insurance Industry, who routinely drop people from their coverage when they get ill, who won’t even insure you if they feel you have a pre-existing condition, and who consistently and institutionally under-perform when you in fact HAVE insurance, are going to weigh in right now and tell everyone that if any health care reform bill goes through (and the one they have lined up is some weak-ass shit) the result will be that premiums will sky-rocket and that care will decline.

All I can say is…balls. Huge ones. Ones that should really be looked at by a well-trained physician.

All this mind you despite the fact that the piece-of-garbage politicians we have, have already all but caved on a “public option”, which by the way, would have made a real difference in leveling the playing field for people in need of coverage. A public option, incidentally, favored by upwards of 60% of the people in polls taken as recently as last week.

So the health insurance industry, who, basically have written this bill will now venture in to try to tell us, those who they are currently fucking, that this bill sucks and its implementation will cause them to fuck us more.


I hope the size of their balls is not diagnosed as a “pre-existing” condition, because then they would not be covered in any treatment they would need to decrease the size of their enormous, eclipse causing, balls.

Seriously folks, are we gonna wait for someone to be denied coverage for breast cancer because an insurance company determined they have a pre-existing condition such as having a breast?

They didn’t cover a baby last week because they felt he was too chubby! These people are sick and they own the politicians who write laws that benefit them, and keep us one serious sickness from bankruptcy.

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