Monday, October 26, 2009

Musical Theater Majors Are Doing Their Part...

These nerds from glee club have the grapes to go in and cause what passes as a ruckus for them, so we can get out from underneath the grips of a corrupt industry, who as a practice, refuse to pay for people’s medical treatment all the time.

These pigs, (the insurance lobbyists, not the cast of your high school’s production of “Carousel”) react with dismissal and laughter, and why shouldn’t they? After all, they’ve spent an unprecedented amount of money to buy your politicians, and then have them routinely dismiss the need for a public option, even after a large majority of the people- both democrats and republicans- favor reform, while themselves subscribing to a publicly funded, free form of health coverage for their loved ones.

You must be thinking- what balls. If you are, you’re probably thinking like the musical theater geeks above right before they were moved to action. Sadly, their “action”, is writing a musical parody of Annie, dressing up as lobbyists and singing it one by one after they’ve infiltrated this douchebag seminar.

But imagine they had another way of expressing themselves? Imagine could express their outrage, in a way other than a song parody of a long-running Broadway show. Imagine if step two of their plan did not NOT involve rhyming the word “deductible” and inserting it into a song from the score of Jesus Christ Superstar.

If you can imagine that, then you’re half way to doing YOUR version of what these nerds did. Are you a baker? Design a cake that has written on it the words “Insurance Companies Suck”. Are you a tattoo artist? Draw “F Aetna” on someone’s arm. Are you a hooker? Then don’t have take anyone in the health insurance industry as a client, or better yet, charge them double or give them the clap.

These douchetards, (health insurance lobbyists and the walking human failures that are our politicians) should see reminders of their actions everywhere they look, at all times.

These nerds stood up and I never was so proud to have been in Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat as a Junior in High School in my life (I did it for the chicks, I swear.)

What are YOU willing to do?
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