Tuesday, September 08, 2009

What Sucks...The Pilot Episode of Mocap, LLC!

Hey everyone, I found a site that had a couple of full episodes of the greatest TV show ever made (for 12 dollars), AKA Mocap, LLC! For those of you who have never seen it, check it out. In this episode, which is basically the pilot, we kind of try and show you all what motion capture is, who we as a company are, and how crappy we are at doing mocap. Yeah, its like the lowest budget thing ever but let's face it, this show is the defining work of our generation.

It's got the very hot Lauren Turek in it, the super funny Kara Klenk and the comic genius that is Jon Gabrus plus, thanks to the great producer, John O'Leary, we somehow pulled off a scene with a helicopter.

So yes, check it out and know that yes, this show only lasted one season, but sometimes America isn't ready for brilliance of this magnitude. After all, "Manimal" only lasted a season, as did "Cop Rock" and I am more than happy to be in that club.

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