Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What Sucks…Taser Watch!

Welcome to WhatSucksBlog’s latest feature- Taser Watch! We’re here watching who’s getting tazed, so you don’t have to! Think of how wonderful this is going to be, you no longer have to google search the terms “double amputee” and “tazed”- this will free you up to go out and get tazed yourself!

Oh, can you imagine the great day when you can google yourself, and the word “tazed”?

Let’s count ‘em down- top three tasings of September!

#3 Cops Taser an Emu!

Think you’re safe from getting tazed if you’re a large, flightless bird? Think again!

#2 Police run after a 76 year old dude, who’s driving a tractor in a parade, and taze him!

Everyone loves a parade, and some feel they should be opportunities to taze the elderly!

#1 Unarmed, legless dude gets tased! And it happened on 9/11!

In this game, double amputee trumps old guy on a tractor in full view of townspeople. Congrats dude with no legs, you are ranked #1 on the first ever WhatSucksBlog Taser Watch!
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1 comment:

$$$$ said...

I think calling a guy with no legs 'unarmed' would just make him feel worse.