Friday, September 18, 2009

What Sucks…Quick Hits: Miley Cyrus, Dick Cheney, Asparagus, NYC Unemployment!

…Miley Cyrus

The show is called “Diva’s”, not “sluts”, there’s a difference. I think.

…Dick Cheney

Went in for back surgery- but don’t worry, doctors say this is just an old injury he aggravated from years ago when threw his back out having a light saber fight with Luke at the end of Empire!


Here’s how badly asparagus affects your pee. It makes it smell so bad, we yearn for the smell of regular pee, which, it should be mentioned, does not smell good!

…Unemployment In NYC!

Things are bad folks, a friend just told me unemployment in NYC is at 10.3 %. Even worse, the only reason he knew was that the guy in charge of getting unemployment numbers was in his office, asking him for a job!

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Anonymous said...

Asparagus is actually the only known vegetable--or even substance--that literally removes cancer cells from the body. That's the main reason your pee smells so bad after eating it--it's removing toxic shit from your body. FYI.