Friday, September 04, 2009

What Sucks…Quick Hits: California, Chris Brown, New Unemployment Figures, Being An Offensive Coordinator


Earthquakes, mudslides, wildfires and now pestilence. As many of my 13 readers know, normally, this is where I’d accuse California of sleeping with God’s wife- but I won’t do that this time- this time I’ll say, Hey California, what did you, key God’s car?

We do 2 jokes here, folks.

…Chris Brown

Not sure this dude gets it. He’s kind of bitching now about Oprah doing a show about domestic abuse because it is “like a slap in the face to him”. Yeah, not sure he understands what’s happening, put it this way- since he’s reemerged post-sentencing for beating up Rihanna, he’s done about 5 things in public and by far the BEST thing is wear this blue sweater and matching bow tie. And, you know, that’s not that good.

…New Unemployment Figures

We’re at 9.7 percent, which sucks- believe me, I’m in it. But the numbers are actually not that bad when you consider of that 9.7, 3.6 of it is…

…Offensive Coordinators

Jesus. Firing offensive coordinators in the NFL preseason is the new black. These guys might as well work in the auto industry for all the job stability they have.

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1 comment:

Ben said...

Someone should probably explain to Chris Brown that a) there is a difference between something being "like a slap in the face" and AN ACTUAL SLAP IN THE FACE and b) it is unseemly to complain about the former when you're known to dispense the latter.