Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What Sucks…K-Fed

Did K-Fed knock himself up? Did he somehow let himself get-it-on with, himself or something? The dude should not equate food with love, because a) it’s not healthy and b) in his case it could lead to a chicken Parmesan getting pregnant.

K-Fed, you must be freaking! Imagine hanging with some girl, next thing you know you’re breathing heavy, sweating, and you haven’t even started to try and impregnate her yet!

Get some exercise. Doing Celebrity Fit Club is probably the right thing to do. You’ll be put on a diet and with Bobby Brown also on the show, you can probably get some crack, so that’s good for losing weight.

Hang in there bro- get your mind off of food. If you have to, go back into the studio and make another rap album. If you HAVE to. If there’s no other way. Wait, you know what, don’t do that.
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1 comment:

$$$$ said...

K-Fed? More like Well-Fed! Wakwakwak