Friday, September 25, 2009

What Sucks…Humanity

Seriously, sometimes writing this blog I actually think, we may be turning the corner. You know, I’ll find myself writing about TV and I’ll say, well, yeah this sucks, and all, and Grey’s Anatomy is starting up again so I’ll have plenty of things to write about, but at least you know, things that “TV suck” are different from, you know, failing as a race. Then I see a headline like this and I think, Grey’s Anatomy is too good for us. We don’t deserve Grey’s Anatomy.

Good lord. First of all, worst headline ever? Not sure, but probably. Little side note by the way- this dude is from Staten Island apparently- way to go hometown! We’ve got Rick Schroeder, Christina Aguilera, 6 zillion guidos, and now this guy who tried to set up a date to fuck a baby.

I can’t even FATHOM what kind of a scumbag this dude is. It’s one of those things like the universe, where the human mind can’t fully grasp it. Any time by the way you don’t think Man sucks, because, you know, he invented the phone and the internet and the computer, and the car and made roads, etc. Just think that this dude, who’s picture is here, used the all of those things to try and set up a date, to go fuck a baby.

Seriously. We’re the worst. Say what you will about sharks, snakes and viruses, they don’t try and set up dates to go have sex with babies- with their mothers no less! I forgot about that, he was talking to a cop who he thought was the baby’s mom! Read the disgusting article, he thought he was going to have like a 3-way OH MY GOD I AM GOING TO THROW UP!!!!

Nice job, mankind!

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Ryan said...

My first reaction also was to throw up.

Why the hell can't you just keep your fucked up whack jobs in NY???? Why do you have to send them down to Philly?

Anonymous said...

The Obama safe schools czar was caught on tape telling a story of a man having sex with a boy.

His punchline: hope you used a condom.

Pedophilia kinda sucks. Praise Obama!

deluca said...


Anonymous said...

Media should try to keep this under cover until at least Thanksgiving.

That sucks, pardon the pun.

The Knowledge Seeker said...

Barack Hussein Obama supports Muslims.
He also supported PIPA and SOPA.
In 2016 I hope that someone replaces him
and someone else is president.
Him and his wife have hurt America.
George Bush did hurt America too.
The world is run by wolves,
I hate the world.
If we save the world maybe we can save the planet only.