Thursday, September 17, 2009

What Sucks…Ernie Anastos

When I was a kid my mom and dad would make it a point to watch the 6 O’clock news every night, instead of repeats of whatever show was on at that time in syndication. (I think it was “Alice”, that show about a single mom waitress who worked for an ogre diner owner named Mel. It may have been called Mel’s Diner. Whatever it was called, no one was getting out of that place alive, no fucking way!) Anyway, I guess it was my parents’ way of trying to get me to know about current events in case I was ever to walk into one of those Jay-Walking interview things where people are stumped by Jay Leno and then intensely scan his body language for clues as they take wild guesses to questions like “Who’s the Vice President?” and “Who fought in the Civil War?”

Anyway, I had to watch the New York City, 6 O’clock news- and this is back when they had real reporters, not “models” like they have now. They had Jim Jensen, and Roger Grimsby and a guy named Bill Beutel- all of whom could drink the legs of a table, under a table. Every night we watched it and subsequently, I was the only 4th grader who knew who Berhard Goetz was, that Etan Patz was kidnapped and that Donald Manes killed himself by stabbing his chest with a scissor.

Well, after a little while, my parents divorced (because of me) and these anchors faded away into rehab, death or retirement. One of the last of them is is Ernie Anastos and last night he told our local weatherman to “Keep fucking a (that) chicken.”

UPDATE: Keep Fucking That Chicken is catching on! (From the guys at Tru TV's Dumb As Blog)

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Anonymous said...

I remember reading a book by Dan Rather that mentioned Anastos. He was the Ambitious Young Reporter trying to take Jim Jensen's Anchor Desk, but Jensen still had a little fight left in him. Anyway, Anastos had just arrived on-scene to give a live report from some big fire, and Jensen cut his legs out by leading Ernie in by listing all the known facts, and asking Anastos what he could tell the audience! Friggin Brilliant!