Monday, September 14, 2009

What Sucks Trend-Spotter™…A-Holes Speaking When They Shouldn’t

It’s the latest trend sweeping the A-hole nation, douchebags running their mouths, when clearly, they should STFU.

Whether in the venerable halls of Congress, or under the bright lights of the MTV Video Music Awards, A-holes across the country are speaking out in force, and then quickly being booed.

Last night at the VMA’s it was Kanye West who felt like he needed to get up on stage and tell Taylor Swift, who just won the award for Best Video, Female that Beyonce should have won instead.

Like a true a-hole, he volunteered this opinion, at the behest of no one. It’s a classic A-hole move (have you ever seen anyone ever say “Hey Geraldo Rivera, what do you think? No- they just say what they think.) Ah, the perils of yes-men. It is possible, as he was sitting in the audience and Swift won, he said to the person in his entourage who he was texting with “Taylor Swift? This ain’t right.” To which the person he was texting with may have replied. “You’re right Kanye. You. Are. Right.” Leading Kanye to get up, approach the stage and interrupt.

Had West been sitting with someone not in his employ and told them he was going up there to let everyone know he disagreed with who won, the person sitting next to him might have said “What? Sit down. What’s wrong with you?”

This is not the first time Kanye has walked on stage to comment on who was winning the Moon-Man by the way, clearly he’s part of a dying breed- people on earth who care about who wins a VMA.

Earlier in the week, South Carolina Congressman Joe Wilson spoke out at a place where he should have shut up. At President Obama’s speech to Congress on Health Care, Wilson shouted out “You lie!” when Obama referred to the part of the bill that specifically details how illegal immigrants will not receive benefits from any government plan. Wilson too, like Kayne was immediately booed. Also, like Kayne, he immediately apologized.

Now, before this happened I had no idea who Joe Wilson was, now, I know he’s an a-hole from South Carolina so yes, he may be benefiting from the exposure.

What does this all mean? Well, sadly we live in a society where trendsetters are valued. Get used to a lot more A-holes standing up and shouting things out before other people booing quickly boo them.

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