Friday, September 18, 2009

What Sucks… 5 Guys Being Falsely Accused of Gang Rape

On Sunday night, things looked really bad for the 5 men who were accused of gang raping a Hofstra University student in a dormitory bathroom over the weekend. Police had arrested 4 of them and were closing in on a fifth, when on Wednesday night things suddenly changed. Told there was a secret cell phone recording of the act, the accuser, changed her story to admit that the sex in the dormitory bathroom, with the 5 guys, was consensual. Charges were immediately dropped and the 4 men who were in jail at the time, were released.

So congrats, 5 guys who were accused of raping a Hofstra Student in a dorm bathroom, your names are cleared, you're now 5 dudes who CONSENSUALLY had sex with a Hofstra Student in a dorm bathroom.

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