Monday, August 17, 2009

What Sucks…Woodstock

Happy 40th anniversary to a concert that had 500 thousand people and 3 Porta Johns!

My favorite part of the movie (I am way too young to have attended Woodstock ’94, much less the original damn dirty hippy fest) is when they show this huge sea of 500, 000 people all partying- having a good time- listening to the music- and then this voice comes over the PA and says "Please do not take the brown acid. Please do not take the brown acid."

Cause you know as that announcement is being made, somebody in this huge sea of people has just placed a tab of brown acid and is slowly turning around, looking up to the stage and seeing...


"What the fuck did I just take?"

Is that friggin' Bowzer? Dirty Dan? Is that Fat Lenny playing the saxophone shaped like a huge snake? What did I just take?

“Brown-dd-brown, dd-brown, dd-brown, dd, brown dd…don't take the brown acid.”

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