Monday, August 24, 2009

What Sucks…Waves, "Rogue Waves"!

As any of the 9 to 14 people who regularly visit this blog know, I have long spoke out against the liquid death trap that is the ocean. With its nasty jellyfish, horrific eels and deadly sharks looking to kill humans at every turn, the ocean is an excellent place to go if you want to die. Now it appears you don’t even have to go in the water to be killed by it.

Over the weekend, tragically, a few people STANDING NEAR the ocean, were swept up by a giant wave, residual of Hurricane Bill, and dragged out to sea. I’ll state it again, these folks were standing on a platform when, something that is being called a “rogue wave”, knocked them into the water.

A “rogue wave”. I shit you not.

Minding your own business? On land? Just hanging out? Doesn’t matter, you are now subject to being knocked on your ass by a “rogue wave” and that’s it, nice to know you, you are friggin’ dead. All because some rogue wave- a wave with some sort of score to settle, shows up with revenge on its mind. Nice friggin’ planet. By the way, I’m fine with regular, giant killer waves. I don’t need some passive aggressive bullshit wave coming at me because some other wave slept with his wife or something.

For the poor souls in Maine, a few of them were rescued, but sadly a few weren’t. Even sadder, this actually makes sense on a large scale as the best humans can often do to match up against the sea is to use small, many times wooden, boats to search for their lost, against a vast, treacherous, uncontrollable body of water whose movements are controlled by the moon.

If it doesn’t seem like a fair fight, it’s because its not.

Screw you, ocean and screw you waves.
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MMayes said...

Wow. Not only has this been the Summer of the Reaper with regard to celebrities, but now he's coming up with new and inventive ways to take regular folks? Look, Reaper, get a life, go on a vacation to Afghanistan or something already. Geesh.