Friday, August 14, 2009

What Sucks…The Reaper

Yes, Les Paul lived till he was 94 before passing yesterday, but that doesn’t make the Reaper any less of an a-hole. He’s been taking so many celebrities that I actually saw character actor John Lithgow yesterday and I crossed the street because I didn’t want to get caught up in some Reaper crossfire all on account of John Lithgow. By the way, has the Reaper taken Delroy Lindo too? I haven’t seen that guy in years.

Anyway, Les Paul revolutionized the guitar, and not in the way people say “the guy from Green Day” revolutionized the guitar. He actually revolutionized it.

Les Paul, RIP.

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sloan said...

so he sucks? If not, why list on what sucks? I don't get it. I actually found my way here cuz I heard your mix on psyphy radio. It's great, thanks!

deluca said...

No, the reaper sucks. And for the 2nd part of your question, what?

Darkly said...

@ deluca
you share a name with this dude

deluca said...

You're shitting me. Some dude with my name is making house music in Europe? Is that why every once in a while my credit card statement has "4 dozen glow sticks" on it?

Ryan said...

Thanks for doing the reaper post.

As for house music, anyone making that should be shot.

Gary said...

God, what are you doing here? Silly sucking thing :D i still don't get it... Why and why did you choose 'suck' for your blog and how if your blog turns suck coz it follows its name? Lol
Amazing, so you collect all suck things and bind them all here? Great and i hope you post something about economical global crisis coz it sucks and it makes me crazy.