Thursday, August 06, 2009

What Sucks…The Animal Reaper

Unless you've been living in a cave- and I’m not talking about one of those “Osama Bin Laden” caves that has satellite TV and the full service studio from which you can make a video or audio tape whenever you feel like it, you know that the Reaper this summer has been a real serious a-hole. If you’re a celeb big or small, old or not as old, it’s been raining death, so much death that I actually missed one…

Last week (July 22nd I think), Gidget, (the name of the actor-dog) who played the Taco Bell Chihuahua in a series of mildly offensive commercials in the late 1990’s early 2000’s died at the age of 15- which, if you don’t know, is old for dogs and people in the 3rd world.

Gidget, was an outstanding actor- so good in fact that you’d be interested in knowing, he couldn’t really talk- much less do offensive accents- he was just darn good at making you think he could, and not so good at getting peanut butter out of his mouth. In addition to being in the Taco Bell commercials, he was also in the Reese Witherspoon / other Chihuahuas vehicle “Legally Blonde” as well as the very little seen Cameron Diaz romantic comedy “I Fucked Who Last Night? A Small Dog?”

He will be missed.

Taco Bell was forced to discontinue Gidget’s commercials in early 2000 after Latino advocacy groups protested the campaign, which is a sad stain on this great actor’s legacy. It was SERIOUSLY bullshit. What, a talking dog is offensive to Latino culture, yet no one has a problem with Taco Bell calling the shit they serve “Mexican food”? Yeah, a dog that speaks Spanish is wrong, but go ahead and make the food of my homeland a cheaply packaged laxative. You want to protest something? Protesting the food! "What do we want?!! To use the bathroom! When do we want it? Now!"

Sorry, I don’t like to preach but sometimes I feel I have to. Taco Bell Dog, RIP.

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dogmaah said...

Gidget was a female dog and you kept referring to her as a "he!"

deluca said...

the voice was male- are you sure?

dogmaah said...,,20293002,00.html

dogmaah said...

Hopefully this link will work.

$$$$ said...

I'm torn between looking forward to the What Sucks... Reaper obit for John Waters but equally it may be time to call a moratorium on the reaper posts because there have been so many in such a short time.

You just can't keep up with el muerto

Connie said...

I know what you mean, $$$$, the death yesterday of John Hughes blew me away. Eunice Kennedy Shriver isn't going to live through the weekend, either.