Tuesday, August 04, 2009

What Sucks…Mood Swings During Pregnancy

Holy shit.

Look, I understand it’s completely normal for a woman to go through “mood swings” during pregnancy. But perhaps my readers who have some kind of experience with this could tell me if it is normal for you to be sitting across the table in a restaurant from someone you know intimately for the last 10 years of your life and have them say something to you so unbelievable that Charles Manson himself materializes out of the ether and says “Maam, I think you went too far with that.” Does that happen a lot? Is that normal? Holy shit.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, it's completely normal. Pregnancy hormones are like PMSx1000. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

Quite normal. In fact, it is only going to get worse so hang on. Wait till she gets a hold of you while she is giving birth. Be afraid! Be VERY afraid!

Anonymous said...

On that note, don't let her hold your hand. Let her hold on to your forearm. Women in labor have broken men's hands before, but it won't even hurt if she has your arm instead.