Thursday, August 20, 2009

What Sucks...Anal Beer Bongs!

By the way, got this from Holy Taco.

Ah, where was I- oh yeah, WTHF? (What The Holy Fuck?)

A quick open letter to kids out there about to put a beer bong into their anuses.

Dear Kids:

When you're drinking, it's not just about getting drunk. There is a SOCIAL element to underage drinking. I mean, I could be old fashion, but isn't the idea here to get a girl drunk and then have your way with her? What kind of girl is going to let you have your way with her if you are doing anal beer bongs? Do you know how much more drunk you're gonna have to get her? It doesn't become cost-effective!

What's wrong with shot-gunning a beer? JESUS!

And anyone who is soaking a woman's hygiene product and putting it in their privates, YOU HAVE A HORRIBLE ALCOHOL PROBLEM. A horrible one. And I know people who have bad ones- they never stuck booze into a tampon and then shoved it in their prives.


I should not have had to post this blog entry!

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Ryan said... got to be really desperate to even try that, right?