Thursday, August 13, 2009

What Sucks Salutes Giant Balls…San Francisco Giant Fans Taunting Manny Ramirez For Using ‘Roids

I stumbled upon this story while reading the blog of insane baseball fan, and friend of What Sucks, Paul Sullivan’s Sully Baseball.

Sully makes some excellent points in his post like,

“hey, you’re (Giant Fans) are going to really jeer a left fielder for using PED’s?”


“…1/2 way through making your sign, it didn’t hit you?”

...and I’d like to piggy back a little on his post if I could by adding…


Now wait, let me re-check something in the picture- before I get too excited, maybe the people holding these signs didn’t know about Barry Bonds- one second. No, I looked up and none of the people holding those signs are infants. Back to the rant…

You guys are REALLY gonna jump all over Manny? Your guy took so many ‘roids I heard his testicles were recently cast as the leads in the upcoming film, “The Adventures of Two Rabbit Turds!” (I work in the business, I hear all the latest about upcoming Hollywood projects!)

Wow. I mean, good Lord- I don’t care about the size of your nards, I care about whatever the hell they make your sacks out of that you can hold those things up! It’s gotta be that “impenetrable metal chain” material Frodo used against the troll in Lord of the Rings 2.

That’s like if OJ is all of a sudden against killing wives and goes and protests Scott Peterson. Or like if AIG is all of a sudden against bailouts and goes to protest Goldman Sachs. Of if you’re at a protest against plastic surgery and you see Joan Rivers’ face protesting against Joan River’s neck!

Seriously. Stop ‘roiding your balls Giant fans, you’re not allowed to boo anyone for using until Barry Bonds’ head shrinks down to the point where it can actually fit in a hat that can be purchased “off the rack”.

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Ryan said...

Hilarious. I especially love the line "That’s like if OJ is all of a sudden against killing wives and goes and protests Scott Peterson."

- Ryan from