Friday, July 03, 2009

What Sucks…The What Sucks True Blood Watch: Episode 3 Season 2

5 things Vampires did to make it seem it may not be a bad thing to have sex with them…

1) Vampire Jessica- so hot in that yellow dress, sweetly sharing a drink with Hoyt in the bar
2) Vampire Bill rushing heroically to save Sookie’s life after she was attacked by a monster in the woods.
3) That sexy Vampire Pam and how great she looked in those pumps!
4) How nice it was for Bill to go shopping for Jessica at the mall, and how nice it was for Eric to join him . Vampires shop in malls just like us! ☺
5) The way Eric helped out Bill when he needed someone to treat the cuts on Sookie’s back! (They must truly be old friends!)

5 things they did to make it seem that it may actually be, a bad idea to have sex with them…

1) Eric literally devouring a redneck he was keeping in his basement and tossing his limbs at Lafayette, who was chained up, being held prisoner.
2) Eric, Pam and that other vampire viciously feeding on a weakened and chained up Lafayette.
3) Eric “responding to threats” from Sookie, by snapping and viciously showing his fangs at her when she demands he release Lafayette from the ad hoc dungeon in the basement of Fangtasia.
4) Vampire Jessica unable to control her fangs and diving at Hoyt’s neck as they kiss on the couch.
5) How Bill viciously shows his fangs to Hoyt, while holding him by the neck after catching him kissing Jessica on his couch.
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