Monday, July 06, 2009

What Sucks…The Reaper

Sometimes the Reaper robs us of someone in the prime of their lives, other times he takes the architect of the Vietnam War at the age of 93. The Reaper is weird like that. But then again, why would he take Robert McNamara early, the guy was good for the Reaper’s business, right?

For those of you who may not know, Robert McNamara was the guy who was so great in the 2003 Oscar winning Errol Morris film “The Fog Of War”. Problem was, to be in it, he had to be the Secretary of Defense for much of the Vietnam War.

A very bright man, McNamara graduated from the University of California at Berkley and then, later on, Harvard where he was voted “most likely to fuck up the country: America and Vietnam divisions". So weird how those polls can be so right. In addition to being in charge of Vietnam War, he was also put in charge of US Policy of Nuclear Deterrence in the 60’s. So, ah, how’d that go?

Oh yeah, before I forget, he was also in the room for the Cuban Missile Crisis and the Bay of Pigs. Some guys are always at those parties where two cute girls have a little too much to drink and kiss, Robert McNamara was always at that party where the world and the country were either on the brink of disaster or knee deep in it.

Wait- breaking news- a crane just collapsed in hell- a lot of damage, seems a new arrival knocked something over…let me see if I can find out more…

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MMayes said...

What sucks? The Reaper taking over the What Sucks blog and turning it into the Celebrity Obituary Blog.