Monday, July 20, 2009

What Sucks…The Reaper

…A flash…apparently official…Walter Cronkite died Friday night, 7:02 PM Central Standard Time, 8:02 Eastern Standard Time, some 2 days, 14 hours and 38 minutes ago…

Over the weekend the venerable Walter Cronkite left us at the age of 92. Many of you, may not remember Walter Cronkite as his was a time when people watched the news on TV and would leave the program informed. He was often referred to as “the most trusted man in America” and just to give you an idea of where we’re at now in the wake of his passing, Greg Kihn of the “Greg Kihn Band” has inherited that mantle. Nice job, USA. (The Great Khali, of the ECW is third.)

Walter Cronkite reported the news with dignity and class. He felt that journalism was about the things that the people needed to know, not wanted to hear- a tradition carried on in today’s media by…sorry, I’ll insert a name here when the google search I did for “Dignity and Class” in TV reporting stops laughing at me.

When he voiced his disillusionment with the Vietnam, public opinion began to turn on that bullshit war. Also, he was a huge supporter of us going into space and was rightfully impressed when we landed on (read: tried to attack, but found no one there) the moon. In between those moments, and his famous, emotional reporting of President Kennedy’s death, Cronkite became the person many Americans looked to, to give them the news- bad and good, each night in their living room. Now? Name one member of the news media you’d let into your home to talk to you before you’d let in Tom Arnold. See? No one can do it.

He used to end every newscast saying “And that’s the way it is…”, the way it is now, sucks.

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MMayes said...

I think he must have survived so long by already looking like a dead guy and fooling the Reaper into thinking he was really Bernie. How long do you think the flunkies in the back of the news room have had his obituary loaded in the can? At least he hadn't done a damn thing in the last, oh, 18 years to make them have to update it.