Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What Sucks…The Mayor of Hoboken (Still): A What Sucks Update!

Peter Cammarano, the 32 year-old mayor of Hoboken (the Prague on NJ), arrested last week by the FBI for taking a $25K bribe after just 22 (22!) days in office, still won’t resign as mayor. Now his Chief of Staff has resigned and there is a daily protest in front of his home. Seriously, getting a 100 people out of their homes in Hoboken, for an event that doesn’t involve booze, is quiet an accomplishment. All signs here are pointing to the unfolding of some very, very special douchebaggery,

From what I’ve been able to gather, 25K is not very big as far as bribes go, especially in NJ, so this douchenut basically took his entire career (he’s 32) and put it up for an amount of money that can barely buy him a Honda Accord. Now, he threatens to stay in office as an arrestee (I may have made that word up) longer than he has been an actual, non-arrested mayor. Stay tuned folks, stay very tuned.

Meanwhile, the “Days Since Public Official Was Arrested” sign at the Hoboken City Hall was set to “5” earlier today. Congrats, everyone over there.

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Carney said...

I ran in to this guy on the street when he was campaigning, what a scum bag!