Friday, July 17, 2009

What Sucks…Republican Senators During the Sonia Sotomayor Confirmation Hearings

Lookit, I know the blogosphere was all up in arms about how Republican Senators were questioning Supreme Court Justice Nominee Sonia Sotomayor in some borderline inappropriate manner- were they focusing too much on race, were they being respectful- etc. But of course like anyone else- I wrote it off as the crazy shit people on the blogs complain about.

Then last night as I was going through the transcripts of the hearings and watching the replays on C-SPAN, I came across some stuff that, well- some of these bloggers may have a point…

to Nominee Sotomayor, 12:18 PM Jul 16th
...Sing "La Cucaracha"

That's not even a question.

to nominee Sotomayor, 12:31 PM Jul 16th
"What goes in a Taco?"
Ugh! She's Puerto Rican- not Mexican!

to nominee Sotomayor, 2:47 PM Jul 16th
Mine is a 2 part question, first, how many El Caminos do you own and secondly, if confirmed, would Merengue blast from the courthouse, like all the time?
Horrible question. I'm embarrassed. And the worst one...

4:27 PM Jul 16th to Sotomayor:
Let me ask you, if we put up a fence at the border, who do you think is gonna build it?
There's no reason to quote Mencia!

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