Wednesday, July 01, 2009

What Sucks…Pink Ouija Boards!

Look, it’s bad enough that these things are toys- (great idea by the way- “This Christmas…give your kid a portal to hell!”) but do we need to market them so blatantly to young girls? You think the devil is gonna wanna answer questions like “Is Kevin Martin gonna, like, ask Caitlin Walker out or is he totally into Nicole Bonner?” Satan may not be able to take that, and that dude lives in hell.

And the pink color? What, are we trying to contact the spirit of Paul Lynde?

Honestly, there was a marketing meeting one day and someone said – “Hey, the Ouija Board- how are we gonna move these things? Anyone? Anyone have any ideas?” Yeah, I was thinking maybe make it pink and package it with a nice over the shoulder bag!

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1 comment:

Invisible Woman said...

Just awful in every way...