Friday, July 24, 2009

What Sucks…Hollywood To America: F You!

Have fun at the theaters this weekend, as Hollywood is apparently celebrating “Turd Fest '09”.

…The Ugly Truth

I almost walked out of the trailer to this thing, and I was watching it on my computer, in my living room. Holy shit. Heigl and Gerald Butler as a couple? I rooted harder for Eva and Adolf!

Not to get tied up in the premise of the movie but, why wouldn’t the government shut down a highly trained team of commando guinea pigs? I would want a government to pull the plug on something like that and prosecute the insane man who put the program into effect in the first place.

…The Orphan
Talk about a preposterous premise- I’m supposed to believe that a 9 year white girl, psychotic or not, is still available for adoption in the USA?

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1 comment:

squad546 said...

Why wasn't the "movie" Funny People mentioned as a part of Hollywood sucking? That movie and Adam Sandler need to go to a corner and die. In case anyone wondered, yes I saw it, pure horror!