Thursday, July 23, 2009

What Sucks…Hoboken Mayors UPDATE 7:00 PM

Sorry to get all local on your asses, but as a resident of Hoboken (the Prague of New Jersey), when suck comes to my doorstep, I feel I have a responsibility to respond.

This morning, the Mayor of Hoboken, ONLY 22 DAYS INTO OFFICE- was arrested by the FBI in a wide ranging money laundering/ HUMAN BODY PART TRAFFICKING scheme that also netted – and I shit you not- the mayor of Secaucus, the Deputy Mayor of Jersey City and a bunch of Rabbis.

That makes about 100 arrests of public officials in NJ in the last 4 years (including a Governor admitting he was gay to try and avoid arrest). So I think I speak for all New Jerseyians, when I say…you ain’t shit, Louisiana.

I will be updating this as I learn more throughout the day- but so far I have been able to determine that Cammarano (Hoboken’s mayor) was arrested at 9:30 AM, so if you slipped a cash filled envelope under his door AFTER that, you still have a shot to get your money back.

UPDATE 12:15 PM: New Hoboken Mayor promises to honor all existing bribes! Congrats developers and private waste removal services of Hoboken.

Update #2 1:00 PM: Corzine aide: Governor to speak on Hoboken Mayor arrest- “Those who have given ME bribes, have nothing to fear.”

UPDATE #3 1:45 PM: Cammarano statement, I don't think he gets it: "It's an honor to wear these cuffs that have been worn by so many of my predecessors."

UPDATE #4 7:00 PM: Friend of WhatSucksBlog, Tru TV's Dumb As Blog, shines spotlight on us- check out this link to see all the jokes you read today here and on twitter, one more time!

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digibandit said...

If Hoboken is the Prague of New Jersey -Prague is the asshole of Czeckoslovakia (sp?)

Oh and how about those Rebbes down in Deal? - Deal is the Hoboken of the Jersey shore.

Make it simple -Hoboken Sucks!

Bring back the duck!

Anonymous said...

Tin foil hat time: Doesn't it seem odd that Obama's home state was taking quite a bit of corruption heat, but once he gets sworn in the FBI decides to shift it's focus. Who in Illinois is he trying to protect?

squad546 said...

I don't care what anyone says, Gary Indiana beats any town in New Jersey hands down!