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What Sucks...El Vacio: Breakroom Drama!

El Vacio: Breakroom Drama

An interview with Lowell Kennedy, from the new breakout drama, “Breakrooom Drama”.

WhatSucksBlog: So great for you to be here with us, we’re big fans of the show.
Lowell Kennedy: Thank you, great to be here.
WhatSucksBlog: So you play…
Lowell Kennedy: I play the character of Lance on the show. It’s a great role, very challenging, a lot of fun.
WhatSucksBlog: That’s great, I understand you originally read for the part of “new guy”, in the early stages of the show.
Lowell Kennedy: I did. Yeah, I came in, I read for “new guy” and the director and creator, Lebron James- ha, not the basketball player- said, why don’t you read for us this Lance character. At that time he, Lance was written as a 28 year old, character from Queens, and I was 26 and living in Brooklyn so, yeah it was a little bit of a stretch for me.
WhatSucksBlog: Well, not too much of a stretch, you got the part.
Lowell Kennedy: (Laughs) Yes, that’s true and thank god.
WhatSucksBlog: Do you have fun working on the show?
Lowell Kennedy: I do, but you know it’s a lot of hard work. We’re in that breakroom for a while, we’ve taken to calling it the “war room” because things get pretty intense in there. But the show is so amazing and the writing is so good- I think it’s like the new West Wing.
WhatSucksBlog: I’ve seen you tackle some heavy subjects…
Lowell Kennedy: The first show we did, the office loses it’s wi-fi, there’s no Spenda left- I read the script and I was like, okay Lebron- not the basketball player- looks like we’re jumping right into the shit here with two feet! I can say that, right?
WhatSucksBlog: Ha, ha, ha. Yeah don’t worry no one is reading this.
Lowell Kennedy: So yeah, anyway, we shoot in a real break room, which adds to the authenticity. And Lebron, well he’s the best at what he does.
WhatSucksBlog: I have to ask you about your co-star. We’ve heard rumors.
Lowell Kennedy: Ah…here it comes…
WhatSucksBlog: So what’s the deal, are you and Rebecca St. Monray an item? And is it true that you…
Lowell Kennedy: …met in the breakroom of this show? Yes. Weird huh, that this show would have a breakroom, and the show IS a breakroom.
WhatSucksBlog: Well, what’s it gonna have a “workroom”? Ha, ha, ha.
Lowell Kennedy: No. I…anyway, I guess everyone knows about it because wee were walked in on. We had sex in the breakroom of the show Breakroom Drama. Ironic. Anyway, Rebecca St. Monray, who plays Margot Savage by the way in the show, is an excellent actress, what happened between us happened and there’s nothing we can do about that but she’s decided to go back with her husband and 3 sister wives. She’s Mormon.
WhatSucksBlog: I wonder if that will work its way into a script someday soon- the breakroom stuff.
Lowell Kennedy: You never know with Lebron James, anything is possible.

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