Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What Sucks…Catching Up On The Suck!

Blog Note: Been falling behind on a few things lately, here’s some random stuff from the last few days.

…“Take it, take it, take it!”
Alexis Cohen, the former American Idol contestant who went double bird on Simon Cowell was killed over the weekend by a drunk driving at the Jersey Shore- a needless death to be sure of a girl who I’m sure wasn’t as big a crazy person as American Idol made her out to be. That’s right, I’m saying American Idol probably distorted the perception of her, I mean they do it all the time- they’re good at it- to this day some people actually think Jordin Sparks is talented.

Yeah, I’m taking a shot at Jordin Sparks, why the “i” in the name?

Besides, I do feel a little bad about her dying, sure she was the butt of a lot of jokes but she did have it rough- I mean she grew up in Allentown- think about it- you get out of that place, you’re still either in the middle of Jersey, or Philadelphia!

…The Hall Of Fame
Awesome to see Ricky Henderson go in to the hall but I never realized how bad the Hall has been screwing Bert Blyleven until I took a look at insane baseball fan, and friend of WhatSucksBlog, Paul Sullivan and his take on how close Bert was to being a 300 game winner. Sully Baseball is right- Blyleven needs to be in the hall.

…Growing Up Maguire
Tobey Maguire’s mom getting a TV show about how she “shields” her kids from the down side of the entertainment industry…by having them be in a reality show. If this mattered in anyway in life, my head would explode. (Sorry, having trouble even feigning outrage here.) I just want to say, for this show to have happened, one person would have had to thought of the idea, another person would have had to write it up in pitch form, another person would then have to have set up a meeting to talk about the idea before 2-3 people would then have had to listen to the idea, approve it, and then pay someone money to make the idea a reality.

…True Blood
Vampires singing old-timey tunes in flapper outfits? Then having huge blood orgies? Come on! Where is the outrage!?! And who is this vibrating bitch who throws awesome parties and is constantly surrounded by an assortment of fresh fruit? (Both meanings.)

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CarneyUGVC said...

True Blood...heard this was good about 10 times this weekend so I'm going to check it out!

deluca said...

not responsible for the suckiness of true blood!