Thursday, June 04, 2009

What Sucks…The Reaper

Earlier today David Carradine was found dead in Thailand, apparently by suicide. I certainly hope it was suicide and not another reason someone has a belt around their neck and is found dead in a hotel room- but who needs to do that in Thailand, right? There’s enough perv stuff happening there, right?

Anyway, I digress, David Carradine, RIP. I’m sorry you decided to end your life, and if you DIDN’T intend to kill yourself, I hope you didn’t die by accident only to have your body discovered in on of the most awkward ways known to man.

UPDATE: People are reporting that the unthinkable did happen. This has to be very awkward for everyone- including the Reaper- who must have been all like “Shit, this didn’t have to go down like that.”


Mike Marsh said...

If there's an upside to this, and I'm not saying there is, it may be that it dissuades middle-school-aged kids from playing the "choking game." After all, I don't see kids clamoring to emulate an old white guy who made a name for himself playing a Chinese guy on a show back when TV sets had dials on them.

And if there's a Heaven, I have to wonder if David was met at the Pearly Gates by Michael Hutchins, who would say something like, "It sucks, doesn't it, mate?"

And then they'd go hang themselves for kicks. I mean, they're already dead.

digibandit said...

dude - i have it from the One Eyed -(Eye Cam) - Hooker -who used to do this "Kung Fu Kum" sexual Enlightenment thing with Carradine - (choking his nuts and neck) while sucking him off in mid air - and she says he musta tried it without a hooker assistant and - The Reaper cut in on his dance.

It's on video @