Friday, June 12, 2009

What Sucks…Quick Hits: Chastity Bono’s Sex Change, James von Brunn, Analog TV, George H. W. Bush

…Chastity Bono Becoming A Dude

Chastity Bono has begun the sex-change process. Look, that’s great for her and all but I hope that she’s doing it to honor her true identity and NOT because she’s competitive and wants to get the one new body part her mom doesn’t have!

…88 Year-Olds Who Go On Shooting Rampages!

Come on! You’re 88 years old! Maybe we should be tasing the elderly on sight! What are they putting in Ensure these days? Can we get back to yelling at kids to get off your lawn while wearing a loosely fastened bathrobe? Jesus!

…Stories About The Analog TV Switch That Appear On The Web
Why are you people wasting your breath? There is no way someone with analog TV is on the net, reading a blog? What, are you writing this thing on the off chance they are at a library?

…George Bush (41)

Jumping out of a plane for your 85th birthday? Bullshit! If you really wanted to cheat death, you’d…(say it with me, America)…go hunting with Dick Cheney! That's right- I went there, 3 years after it happened!

What Sucks Bonus…A Quick 'Fuck You' To Sarah Palin!

Hey Sarah Palin, you’re gonna go 3 days on the fake outrage thing because Dave made a joke about your daughter getting knocked up by A-rod? You’re gonna call that a joke about statutory rape? Hey, fuck you!

By the way, anyone within the sound of my blog especially those who lives in the district represented by Brian Kolb in NYS- please remember that he not only thinks Dave should be fired for suggesting that Sarah Palin’s daughter would be knocked up by A-rod, but he went as far to write a letter to Les Moonves suggesting it happen. If you’re cool with a dude like that representing you, by all means vote for him next time around. F him too.

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digibandit said...

Hey dude -Alan Arkin demonstrated howow to be happy in old age - with his role in "Little Miss Sunshine"

Dope and alcohol constantly - and just laugh and watch the suckiness go bye in a happy haze.

Old dudes abide best when way high - totally

digibandit said...

dude - if your gonna reolace the duck with something -how about Sarah Palin with a reindeer dick in her asshole.

But dude - no fucked up celebrity - or mad political leader - or tortured grandmom or crippled child:

Sucks as much as an oil slicked duck!

Bring back the DUCK - dude!

Anonymous said...

Does digibandit post in verse?

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!