Friday, June 19, 2009

What Sucks…PETA

Are you shitting me? You’re REALLY upset Obama killed a fly? Really?

You know PETA, I often stand up for you. People say- “Man, PETA sucks! What dick-faces they are!” And I say, “No, they get hot chicks to think if they get naked, they can save animals lives- they’re cool- imagine if powers like that could be used for good!”

And then you turn around and get all pissy with Obama because he killed a fly. Let me tell you something about flies- they suck. That fly was lucky to be killed by Obama- you understand it was born in shit and made it all the way to the White House? Like Bill Clinton!

What’s next, rallies for the humane treatment of germs?

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Invisible Woman said...


Alien Fetus said...

Hey! Germs have rights too!

Darkly said...
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Darkly said...

Hottest peta ad ever