Monday, June 22, 2009

What Sucks…More To Love: Update


Holy crap, when I first heard and wrote about this show, I thought it was going to be about ‘plus sized’ women trying to get a date. I had no idea they were going for borderline sociopaths who’s need for acceptance would bring them to the brink of a full fledged mental breakdown- and that’s just in the trailer!

By the way the need for this show would be totally negated if any of these women would just meet a black dude! (KIDDING!)

Another by the way- the trailer says they’ll be competing for the “man of their dreams”. Hey chubies- get better dreams! Eastern European mail order brides have better standards than you! You guys obviously don’t compromise when it comes to eating rich foods, why do it with the man you hope to fall in love with?!

More To Love premieres Tuesday July 28th On FOX!

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MMayes said...

The only one of those shows I ever liked was the "Average Joe" show where they'd get some hot chick, make her think she was going to meet some hot guys and then they'd trot out nice guys with character, but were about as attractive as the underside of a McDonald's table. Now, if they'd have made the bachelor here some kind of male model-type, this might be good.

Albino Cavewoman said...