Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What Sucks…Kate From Jon & Kate Plus 8

First a video pops up where Kate’s daughter begs for some water before being told “no” because they just about to shoot. This occurs 15 seconds before Kate pops open a bottle of Poland Spring right in the kids face and takes a swig- you should really watch the link- the kid actually says “you’re so mean, you’re drinking the water right in front of my face” or something like that.

Then this week Kate is caught on camera spanking another one of her kids because she wouldn’t stop blowing a whistle. So I’m ready to call it- Kate is a monster! At least when Jon spanks someone, it’s a stripper and he’s making it rain!

Look, I’m not like one of those people who gets all indignant about spanking kids- we all know how fun it is to see children getting beat- but at this point a badger would come off as a better mom than you! Get your shit together or this show is gonna be called “Child Services Plus 8!” What’s happening next week, you tell the kids that they’re the reason mommy and daddy are breaking up?

Jon and Kate Plus 8 is on The Learning Channel Mondays at 9!

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mmsmears said...

As a single parent I've watched the show a few times. I just can't imagine the daily chaos that goes on in that house. My one child takes up most of my time, I can't imagine it times 7.
Here is a good commentary about what should be everyone's main concern "Those 8 Kids"!
Why You Suck: John and Kate Plus Eight

lisa k said...

Yep, Kate is a Mother from hell. I wouldn't leave my dog with her, much less a kid.